13691393Booga Basement has one of the hottest songwriters in the business “Latavia Parker” she co-wrote the song that broke “Billboard” charts around the world “Hips Don’t Lie” featuring “Shakira” and “Wyclef Jean”.

“Latavia Chufon Parker” came on the scene a few years ago and became a very successful songwriter. She has accomplished so much in a short period of time. “Latavia” is currently in studio at the “Booga Basement” and is working on her new album. We will be updating  you with new information as well as songs and performances by this superstar songwriter and artist…..

Here is a list of songs that “Latavia Chufon Parker” has worked on.

Class Reunion

Hips Don’t lie (Shakira)

Hips Don’t lie (En Espanol)

Hips Don’t lie/Bamboo (2006 fifa World Cup)

I Apologize

Kids Don’t lie

My Conscience

Step Up

Step Up (Soundtrack)

What about the baby (Wyclef Jean & Mary J. Blige)


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