Jerry Wonda

jerry-on-bassJerry “Wonda” Duplessis, was born on the Island of “Haiti”. He is the third child for his parents “Rosita & Reynold”. Jerry has an older sister “Chantal” and an older brother “Renel” as well as other brothers and sisters. His love for playing the Bass earned him the nick-name “Te-Bass” meaning little Bass. He is a self taught musician and music producer.

Jerry Wonder has perfected his craft and continues to travel around the world, living a life that many people can only dream of having. He has been blessed with the gift of creation and uses this in a positive way of giving back through his music.

He is the first cousin as well as the music and business partner to multi-platinum producer and musician “Wyclef Jean” who together took the music world and made it their own world. The Boys from “Haiti” made it big as the Boys from “Jersey”. Producing and writing the mega hits taking them from unknown to known in a very short period of time.

Wyclef and Jerry are recognized around the globe, and continue to make music for the soul. Starting with a small home studio “The Booga Basement” in New Jersey, a loving home with a “Haitian Family”. There was cooking in the basement, as well as Church prayers going on upstairs. This home was owned by Jerry & Renel’s father “Reynold”. He always knew there was something special about his nephew “Wyclef Jean” and his little bad boy “Gerald” (Jerry) aka “Te-Bass”, who was always sneaking away to play in bands, have a little drink with his friends and smoke cigarettes behind the garage where no one could find him.wyclef_jerry1

Reynold Duplessis, saw the desire and dedication in his boys to play music and be in bands, including Wyclef, who always got in trouble with his own dad for playing music that was not accepted in their church. He decided to open his home to all of the lost young men and women, trying to chase their dreams. With the help of his son “Renel” who took on 3 jobs to purchase more studio equipment, the house was turned into a place where people could get away from the outside world and create the music that was burning in their heart and soul.

Jerry and Renel’s dad passed away on November 1st, 1994. But we can always remember him smiling and laughing that these boys will one day make it big. After his death, the group “Fugees” came together to record their second album “The Score”..this would be the most important album of their career. It made history and broke records for a Hip-Hop group, they became known not only in the United States, but also around the globe. The little tiny studio in New Jersey, would become famous by producing and recording the entire album that sold over 20 million copies. It was a studio that was home to many stars like “Akon”, “Lauryn Hill”, “Wyclef Jean” and “City High”…..

Wyclef Jean & Jerry Wonda playing at the “Sundance Film Festival” in Utah….



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