About the “Basement”

bb1411Booga Basement, was started by  brothers “Renel & Jerry Duplessis” along with their cousin multi-platinum recording artist and producer “Wyclef Jean”.  This was the home studio that had the magical touch of creating “The Fugees” and selling over 20 million albums of the Hip-Hop classic “The Score”.

New Jersey is known for its versatile rap groups including “Naughty by Nature, Queen Latifah, Flavor Unit, Outsiders, Chanel Live, Rah Digga, Artifacts, Rotten Razkals, Apache, Redman , Omega and other amazing acts. Back in the early 90’s when hip- hop was taking off in the tri-state, a little home in the streets of East Orange, New Jersey owned by a Haitian Family, was going through a beginning stage of building a small studio in the basement. Little did they know that one day it would produce the biggest hit records and launch some of today’s biggest stars…including the very talented “Wyclef Jean”, “Lauryn Hill” & “Akon”.

dsc015331dsc0153111Booga Basement Recording Studio

The Studio has just completed a renovation, and has relocated to Bloomfield Avenue in Bloomfield ,New Jersey…..Please call for an appointment to tour the new studio. We are currently scheduling sessions for the New Year, Spring and Summer.dsc015431dsc015321


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  1. […] I met Clef . A group I was a managing member of had been recording their demo at his home studio, The Booga Basement once located in East Orange, NJ. We were all huddled in the kitchen upstairs when the telephone […]

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